Safeguarding Childminder Policy of Children in my Setting

Safeguarding Childminder Policy

Babies & young children are vulnerable to accidents because they have no awareness of danger and cannot control their environment.

They are totally dependant on me as their childminder  to make their world safe.

I need to be aware of their safety within my home, when traveling and when out and about.

The safety of babies needs particular attention.

As an Ofsted registered childminder, I always follow and complete safeguarding children, health & safety guidelines as required by the EYFS.

At Natoya Childcare, we have daily outing and activities plan around Kennington, Brixton, Oval and more areas and we carry out environmental and outing risk assessments before each event.

I do not and will not administer physical punishment with the intention of causing pain or discomfort, nor any kind of humiliating or hurtful treatment to any child in my care.

Hitting and hurting are always wrong, nobody hits anybody else in my childcare setting.

I endorse positive childminding discipline as a more effective way of setting limits for children.

As an Ofsted registered childminder that comply with the law and regulations, I take children safety and safeguarding very important.

Extended and Completed Safety Procedures Policy available.


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