Natoya Childminding Service Located Just few Minutes from Oval and Kennington Stations General Policies

Below are some excerpt from our general policies (Extended Completed Childcare Policies Available).

NatoyaChildcare Childminder in Oval General Policies

Bad weather

If I feel that it’s safe for your children to arrive / depart yet you choose to keep your child at home with you then full fees are payable.

Behaviour management

Like a good quality childminder, I provide a happy, well-maintained environment.

The children in my care will be encouraged to develop social skills to help them be accepted and welcomed in society as they grow up.

I live by examples, using good manners and showing your child how to behave in a socially acceptable way and to understand the needs and rights of others.

I do not, and will not, administer physical punishment or any form of punishment with the intention of causing pain or discomfort, nor any kind of humiliating or hurtful treatment to any child in my care.

I endorse positive discipline as a more effective way of setting limits for children, rewarding good behaviour with praises and attention.

Collecting your child

If you are not able to collect your child from my childminding setting, please let me know.
I am able to let them leave with the alternative named person(s) as detailed on your ‘Child Record Form’ after they have given the correct password.

Under the Children’s Act 1989, parents in the process of separating or those already divorced retain rights of contact with their children unless the Courts have issued an order and we are made aware of this. Therefore we do not have the right to stop separated / divorced parents from collecting their child from our home.

If a child in my care is not collected 30 minutes after the contracted time, i will:

• Telephone the parents as detailed on the ‘Child Record Form’
• If no response, telephone the emergency contact as detailed on the ‘Child Record Form’
• If still no response after 90 minutes i will contact Social Services.


All information on children and their families in my kennington oval based childcare setting is kept securely and treated in confidence.
Information will only be shared if the parents/carers/co-workers give their permission or there appears to be a child protection issue.
All details will be kept confidential and records are kept secure.
The details are easily accessible if any information is required for inspection by Ofsted.

Complaints procedure

If there is any aspect of my service you are not happy with or you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to discuss these with me in confidence and i will do my best to resolve these as soon as possible. A written record of complaints is maintained and i have a mandatory duty to investigate all complaints and depending on the nature of the complaint i may pass it on to Ofsted for investigation.

I am regulated by Ofsted (08456 404040) and am a member of the National Childminding Association (08001694486) and you are very welcome to contact either of them for impartial advice if you have a concern or complaint that you feel i am unable to resolve.

If at any time you have a suggestion on how i can improve any aspect of the care your child receives or the opportunities they have to develop and learn through play please talk to me either when you drop off or collect your child or alternatively give me a ring during the day or evening – whatever suits you. I am very approachable and would hope that any suggestions you have can be put into practice or any concerns resolved as soon as possible.

Equal opportunities / Disability and Discrimination Act

I value diversity and ensure that i treat each individual as a person in their own right and with equal care.
No child care for at Natoya childminding will be discriminated against whatever race, sex, mental or physical ability.

I am happy to discuss the needs of your child in more detail and aim to work alongside you to make sure the needs of your child are met in a supportive way, Where training is provided, i will endeavour to attend.

I will not treat anyone less favourably and will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments so that all children can enjoy and participate in activities.

I am respectful of differing cultures, religions and family backgrounds and wherever possible share these differences, encouraging questions and embracing diversity.


4 weeks notice required.

I charge half fees for my holidays(i take my holidays only when parents take their own so noone loose out ). However, i do charge full fees whilst you are on holiday to retain your place.


Please let me know as soon as you are able if your child will be absent due to illness. I will not be able to care for a child who is ill with something that may be contagious as it puts me and the other children i care for at risk. Payment is required for any days that your child is absent due to illness.

As with the normal policy for pre-schools and schools, if your child has experienced sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours, i would ask that you let me know. To minimise the risk of cross infection, your child must be clear for a full 48 hours before they will be accepted back into my care.

If your child is on medication then i am happy to administer this whilst they are in my care – i just need your written instructions and signed consent.

If your child becomes ill whilst in my care i will contact you immediately, if you are unavailable i will call the alternative contacts until i am able to reach someone that is authorised by you to collect your child. If i feel that it is something serious then i will take your child to hospital and contact you on the way.

Lost children

I will safely supervise children when i go on outings or trips and i will teach them about safety when I am out and about. In the unlikely event of a child in my care becoming lost, as every ofsted childminder i will:

• Reassure the remaining children in my care
• Thoroughly check immediate area
• Alert people close by that could help e.g. school assistants, shop security
• Contact the police, giving a detailed description of the child, clothing etc.
• Contact the parents giving a full account of current situation
• Contact Ofsted and Social Services
• Record in ‘NCMA Accident, Incident and Medication Record Book’

I am committed to do the very best i can and taking forward relevant training to develop further. I am working towards the Diploma in Home Based Childcare.

Safeguarding children

As a childminder your child’s safety is my first priority and i have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in my care. If i have any cause for concern i will report it, following the local Safeguarding Children Board procedures.

Parents must notify me of any concerns they have about their child and any accidents, incidents or injuries affecting the child, which will be recorded.

I understand that child abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, neglect or a mixture of these. As a registered childminder I must notify Ofsted of any allegations of abuse, which are alleged to have taken place while the child is in our care.

Tax credits

For any childminding infos visit to see if you are entitled to receive ‘Child tax credits’ or ‘Working tax credits’.

Working in partnership with you

You know your child better than anyone else so please talk to me about what they enjoy doing and any special routines they have. Being a ‘home from home’ and fully meeting the needs of your child as an individual are extremely important to me and a trusting partnership where we share information about your child will help us to achieve this.

At the end of each day i am happy to discuss about your child’s day, what activities they have taken part in, anything special i have noticed about their play and learning step and what they have eaten

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